Positive Impacts Of Endurobol

July 10th, 2014

In March 21, 2013, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) announced to the world the potential harmful effects of Endurobol. As such, according to WADA, the substance must be banned from use.

Studies by GSK

Pharmaceutical company Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) was the first company to develop and research about this drug. GSK undertook and completed Phase I, Phase II, and Phase IV of the clinical trials for gw-501516. The clinical studies of GSK merely evaluated the usefulness of the drug for heart disease patients.

The mechanism of action of Endurobol

Endurobol, also known as gw-501516, is a substance that has been recently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency for its potential harmful effects to the human body. In the past year, 4 cyclists from Costa Rica and 1 cyclist from Russia has been suspended for testing positive with the use of this black market drug.

According to recent research, professional athletes are not the only people that are enticed by the use of this drug.The truth is a lot of people especially gym and sports enthusiasts are likewise enticed with the use of this drug because of its apparent positive effect to the endurance and muscular strength of a person.

It is usually being solicited by online retailers and marketers in bodybuilding forums and sports discussions around the globe. In Australia for example, it is being sold legally in the Australian grey market which is not regulated by the government. It is being sold and bought by Australian entities as a chemical reagent for scientific purposes or as a non-medication supplement. As such, the demand for Endurobol is strong despite the pronouncements of the WADA. In fact, anyone can easily purchase Endurobol online anywhere in the world. Once ordered, the buyer will simply choose whether he wants this drug to be sent in powdered or liquid form.

The primary explanation of experts why Endurobol has been branded as an effective drug in improving the physical performance of a person is that it works at the genetic level. Therefore, the banned drug will have a huge impact on the metabolism of the skeletal muscles of a person through his genes. Moreover, there was a recent laboratory study that studied the effects of gw-501516. Such study was entitled ?Regulation of Muscle Fiber Type and Running Endurance by PPAR? and it was conducted by a group of scientists lead by Ronald M. Evans, Helen K. Cho, and Micheal C. Nelson. In this study, there were two sets of mice that were experimented. The first sets of mice were dosed while the second sets were not dosed. It was later found that the mice that were dosed doubled their performance in running endurance.

Apart from apparent cardiovascular endurance, Endurobol also have the following positive effects:

1.Increase in expression of the muscle genes;
2.Uptake of glucose in the skeletal muscle tissues level; and
3.Improvement of metabolism of fat (includes the regulation thereof).

The indication of these benefits is that gw-501516 actually plays a key role in losing weight. The reason is that the banned drug artificially burn and convert body fats in order to release energy. This is in direct contrast to the normal functions of the human body. The reason is that the bodies will naturally burn and convert muscle protein and/or carbohydrates in order to release energy.

The bottom line

Despite its apparent usefulness, nobody is quite sure about its potential harmful effects on the human body. As such, at this point in time, the so-called dangers of gw-501516 are merely speculative ? in the absence of a study or a thorough research that tells otherwise.

How to Survive One?s First Keynote Speech

July 10th, 2014

Being invited to be a keynote speaker for the first time is an important milestone in one’s life. It means that the person has grown considerably in terms of expertise and has quite a bit of influence. It means that someone regards that person as having the communication skills required to set the highlights of a conference and convey ideas to an audience. Many people feel a sense of pride for being requested to share ideas to a crowd for about half an hour or more, but many more feel anxious. This is natural, for fear of public speaking is very prevalent in society. Fortunately, public speaking can be learned. With enough knowledge and practice, practically anyone can deliver a keynote address worthy of applause.

Basically, a keynote speaker, through the delivery of a speech, helps the audience grasp the purpose and theme of an event. A keynote speech gives an idea of what to expect in a conference. It gives a glimpse of the ideas that the organizers want to present to the audience. It also serves to pique the interest of the audience, making them curious and more eager to participate in the conference.

One of the things that a keynote speaker should prepare is the content of the speech itself. While this may seem obvious, some speakers focus on other aspects, such as rich media or gestures, but neglect the quality of their actual speech. These speakers need to learn a thing or two about the basics of public speaking. One important tip is to remember to focus on a single idea. Supporting ideas should be used, but all must contribute to the main idea. Another important tip is to make sure the speech is informative but clear. With carelessness, it is easy to clutter an otherwise good speech with unnecessary details. It is also a good idea to occasionally use humor to lighten up a speech. One should just remember that a conference is not a comedy bar.

Another thing that can be of immense help to a keynote speaker is research. One should know as much as possible about the company values, the nature of the conference, and the audience profile. A speaker could ask the organizers or look up the company and the event online as part of the research process. Once information is gathered, the speaker must use them to create a speech that is custom-built for the occasion. It will become easier to relate to the audience and persuade them, or at least put them in a more analytical mood.

As mentioned before, there are speakers which use rich media as part of their talks. Provided that the content of the speech is already taken care of, rich media can greatly enhance the impact of a keynote address. Using videos, music, or other presentation tools can make retain interest and convey ideas more clearly. It is important to remember though that using rich media requires technical preparations. Speakers should communicate properly with organizers in order to avoid any technicalities.

It is necessary for a speaker to practice numerous times days, even weeks before the event. Whether one decides to read from a written speech, to use cue cards, or to rely purely from memory, practice will help any speaker correct any mistakes and find ways to improve.

Finally, one should take into account the image that should be conveyed to the audience. It varies, depending on the formality of the event, but generally a strong and confident personality is desired. A speaker should wear appropriate proper attire. Words should be chosen carefully and gestures should be performed such that they complement the atmosphere of the conference.

A keynote speaker who takes enough time and effort to prepare properly will perform well. Such a person can expect to receive more invitations in the future.

Recognition Awards for Loyal and Efficient Employees

July 7th, 2014

When a company wants to show their appreciation to an employee for an excellent job, they will give them an award of recognition or a monetary bonus. Giving money is a good idea, but it is not always the best thing to give for recognition. It may not be an option for consideration and when this occurs, you search for something of quality that your staff will enjoy displaying it in their work space.

The types of award given to the employee is just as vital as the design and the engraving. You can choose from the many designs and engravings available that will make your award pins extraordinary. If you check out online, you will be surprised by the many options available and the designs were great. Even the samples of their engraving found on their website looked crisp and clear.

Most of the engravings are carried out by sandblasting which makes a beautiful finish, and the words engraved on it will be a moral booster for the company and the employee receiving the award.

Three Important Factors that Will Assure Your Success

These days, most companies award and recognize their employee with lapel pins. There are lots of businesses, from small to mid-size companies up to the corporate organizations use recognition pins as a way of acknowledging their employees for a job well done.

Your employees, from administrative and sales staff and managers and CEOs, will confidently wear their award pins on their uniforms and jackets. There are several designs that you can choose from when making your recognition pins. The specific details of the program for your company should be evaluated to determine what sort of pin will be best for you.

Make sure that you consider the number of awards, how frequent you will give these awards, the general layout of the company logo, the practicality of your pin and your budget. The slogan to be added on the pins is also important, so make sure that you inform the supplier about it.


The regular size of award pins is somewhere in between inches to 1 inches. Bigger than this will make the pin look awkward in someone?s jacket or suit.


Using various gemstones, engraving or platings to symbolize the degree of achievement adds some element of appreciation and outcomes in an elegant-looking pin.

Base your selection of plating finish on what message you want the pin to convey. Some logos have metal plating colors such as gold, silver, bronze and others instead of the actual logo colors.

Layout and Design

You can choose from different possible combinations for your design and the final design will depend on both the designer and your decision. The supplier can suggest if the design requires some adjustment.

The outcome of your award pins will depend on the combinations of the factors. It is, therefore, very vital that you choose an experienced recognition pins manufacturer that will effectively analyze your needs and provide you with the perfect product that your budget can purchase.

Giving award pins for employees are the best way to get the results that you want from the employees. Every company offers awards to its employees in the form of bonuses, increments or certificates. If the company offers a reward something for their employees it will boost the employee morale. Employees take pride when it wears the pins for employees by a company that displays their representation towards the success of the company. These pins are important parts to refresh their manpower. These awards are likewise an essential aspect of the company and since the company logo and slogan are embedded in the award, it will boost the spirit of the employees.

Getting the Best of Your Ejuice

July 7th, 2014

Customizing your own e-cigarette can be a tough experience, especially if you do not yet know what you are looking for. However, even if you do have a good ecig, having an improperly blended bottle of ejuice can break your experience, and can make you stay or go back to your old habits.

Truth be told, it is highly likely that you will spend more time looking for your perfect ejuice than building your customized vaporizer or ecig. Depending on your preference, you may need more vapor in your smoke, or maybe more flavor. You may also want to have a higher level of throat hit, that burning sensation at the back of the throat after a drag. And to satisfy your cravings, you might want to try several different bottles from several different makers in order to find your perfect match.

As with most products, trial and error (which is basically the process of selecting juice) is better when you at least know the basics of the product. There are not so many ingredients in a bottle of ejuice, and a discerning user can easily get a clue as to what type of experience a certain mix can make.

The base ingredients, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both have distinctive effects on the quality of the puff. If you would like to have more vapor coming out on each draw, it is best to choose a liquid with a higher degree of vegetable glycerin, as its thicker consistency will allow you to have a thicker vapor. It has, however, the downside of making vaporizer maintenance a more frequent event, as gunk tends to accumulate more often. It can also dull the taste of some flavorings, since it has a natural sweet aftertaste on its own.

If you wish to further enjoy the flavors of your ejuice, you might wish to opt for a product that contains more propylene glycol. This thinner substance allows flavors to take hold completely, allowing you to get the full experience. However, this will also produce fewer vapors, producing less dregs remaining on your vaporizer.

If you wish to have a bottle that has a percentage of nicotine, you should also choose the one that is suited to your preference. Eighteen percent nicotine is about right for a majority of users, as this is the same nicotine level that can be found on most traditional cigarettes. Higher and lower concentrations are also available.

In the case of nicotine, even more than in the case of vapor, care should be taken. The entire success of the habit can be made or broken by this sole factor. A person who chooses the highest amount of nicotine possible may not be able to tolerate it, with his body showing side effects. Therefore, he may instead go back to traditional smoking thinking it is better. The highest nicotine concentrations are supposed to be used only by those that have a heavy smoking habit, at around two packs per day.

An ejuice that contains too little nicotine can also cause compensative smoking, causing a person more damage than before as the user tries to smoke more cigarettes to compensate for the missing amount. Because of this, many users quit the healthier habit.

Of course, at the bottom of it all, one should find a reputable manufacturer that creates items under approved conditions. All materials used in making the product should be FDA approved, even the flavorings (which are most often the same as those used in other food products such as baking and candy making). This way, both the quality of the experience and the user’s health will be preserved without any compromise.


Benefits of Using an HDMI Cable and Where to Get One

July 5th, 2014

It’s hard to find a home or person who doesn’t have a device that requires an HDMI cable to interface with a display. Laptops, computers, display monitors, televisions sets, and even video game consoles are just some of the common appliances that need to use this cable.

Some people are still stuck living in the past using their DVI cable. DVI cable started to fall out of use years ago. Most people have opted to use the new HDMI standard for all their cabling needs. Its popularity and widespread adoption speaks volumes as to just how useful this cable really is.

Understanding some of the benefits of using an HDMI connection isn’t that difficult. A person doesn’t need to have to be an electrician to understand how these cables work. All it takes is a little bit of reading. Here’s a brief breakdown of how the benefits of using an Hdmi cable and where to get one.

The benefits of HDMI technology

Prior to HDMI technology’s popularity, the standard cable that most people used was DVI. The limitation of DVI technology is that it is only limited to transferring digital signals. HDMI technology is a huge improvement as it avoids this limitation.

An HDMI interface is capable of sending both video and audio signals through a single cable. The bandwidth of the cable is more than enough to accommodate the needs of most people. The bandwidth of DVI cables is small compared to HDMI. DVI cables actually use a process that compresses the video and audio signals. When the signals reach the other side they begin to decompress. This process of compression and decompression often results in a loss of quality for both the video and the audio.

The upside to using one cable is that it will produce less clutter. A single cable is a lot easier than having to deal with separate cables for video and audio.

Another problem that users encountered with DVI connections is that they had problems with their length. HDMI technology is different. HDMI is so much better that it can reach lengths that DVI connections have a problem with. The maximum length for an HDMI cable is 50 feet. A DVI connection would require the use of a repeater or amplifier to help improve the signal.

How to buy a cable

There are plenty of places where a person can get a good cable nowadays. People have two options. They can either get a cable from the internet or buy one from a brick and mortar store. Either option will work.

The internet is probably home to hundreds if not thousands of cable sellers. It’s not too difficult to find a merchant who sells the cable at a low price. The biggest upside to buying a cable on the internet is that a person can simply do it from the comfort of their own home. There’s no need to leave the house to buy one thus avoiding the cost of transportation. Those who want to get their cables at a lower price will want to get one from the internet if price is their only real concern.

Buying from a brick and mortar store isn’t advised. The cables are usually more expensive at a brick and mortar store. The only real reason why anyone would want to buy from a brick and mortar store is that they immediately get what they need.

It’s also advised that people avoid buying branded cables. These cables tend to be overpriced. There’s no real rhyme or reason why a branded HDMI cable should cost more money than a generic cable since all of them work the same way anyway.    

Custom Patches: On Backings

July 3rd, 2014

Custom Patches: On Backings

Patches are most often customized for uniforms, clubs, businesses, authority figures, teams and more. These custom patches are manufactured according to specific details as desired by the requesting body. Aside from the type of patch, size, color and other particulars, the type of backing used it also an important thing to consider. One must wonder how these custom patches are attached to clothing. The answer lies on the patch?s backing. There are different types of backing available for custom made patches.

A variety of different types of backings is made available by most manufacturing companies as they permit flexibility for the different types of people wearing them. Not everyone may want to permanently affix their patches to their clothing or accessories. Some are just used for short periods of time, say a one night event. Also being a benefit for those who know not how to sew, patches made with heat seal backing are easily put on apparel by just applying heat on them. These custom patches are otherwise known as iron-on patches. For this reason, choosing the type of backing is crucial when making customized patches. The most common types include Velcro, iron-on and the peel and stick backings.

Velcro backings are great for patches that are usually removed and reapplied. Military applications are an example of where this usually occurs. This type of backing would also benefit those people wearing patches and needing to laundry their clothing regularly. Patches with Velcro backings come with hook and loop fasteners available on one or two sides.

Heat seal or iron-on backings, on the other hand, give the back side of the patch a shiny coating that when heated with a home iron, will melt and attach to the fabric. Iron-on backings add rigidity to the patches, causing them to lay flat. This type of backing however does not work with nylon and other synthetic fabric as they could be easily scorched with the heat. Heat seal backing is only applicable to fabric that can stand heat of 150 with a total time of 10-15 seconds.

The last type of backing commonly chosen by many is the peel and stick or otherwise known as adhesive backing. With this type of backing, glue placed on adhesive paper is pressed onto the back side of the patch and the paper may be peeled off when in time for usage. In a way, having adhesive backings on one?s custom patches turn them into adhesive stickers. This backing is best used for one-time use patches. Patches with backings of this kind may adhere to surfaces such as glass, plastic, metal and even wood.

Aside from these three common types of backing, there are also a number of other types such as plastic, magnetic, pin, security and button loop backings. Magnetic, pin and button loop backings allow for easy detaching and reapplication of custom patches whereas plastic backing is used to add stiffness to the patch, thus making it flat and easier to sew through. On the same note, security backing also uses a thin layer of plastic where in a company name or brand may be printed onto. This is done to avoid plagiarism and theft of the patches. However, in order for this to be apparent, the patch must not be fastened to any clothing or fabric.

Backing is an important detail in creating patches and should not be overlooked. Determining the appropriate type of backing for one?s custom patches is easier when one is familiar with the uses and benefits of each type. Careful selection is necessary in order to come up with the best outcome for your custom made patches.

Holders for Military Coins

May 14th, 2014
The number of people who are into collecting military coins is continuously increasing. One of the many considerations when it comes to a coin collection is a place where these coins will be situated not only for display purposes but also for protection from damage to ensure that the coins retain their value.

Today, there are different types of coin holder that a coin collector can select from. The most common and recommended types and styles of coin holders that are perfect for military coins are single coin holders, coin albums, shadow boxes and customized coin holders.

A collector of military coins who plan to store and display just one coin in every holder can choose a single coin holder. The coin can simply be stick on a sturdy paper and then placed in an attractive wooden display box. It is the person’s decision either to lay the box flat or to let it stand up in one section of the house. One of the best things of choosing a single coin holder is that it can be customized. The person can personally choose the type of wood that will be used, the preferred size and the finish of the display box.

Another type of coin holder and is the most popular one is a coin album. This is the best choice if a collection does not want a bulky box to place the coin in and to put in display. Aside from protecting the coin, the album also allows the coin collector to see both sides of one coin. It is highly advisable to purchase a sturdy binder that comes with an acetate slide which can hold the pieces in place all the time. One also has to make sure that the album has a slip case for further protection.  A coin album is a very convenient storage because it is easy to view and store.

Military coins can also be stored and displayed in shadow boxes.  A shadow box coin holder is oftentimes constructed using wood and is crafted with a glass front. This glass feature is used to cover the front area of the display box for added protection for the coins. This also allows the coins to be easily viewed by visitors. A coin collector can decide whether or not he wants the shadow box bigger or smaller. A bigger one is the right option for someone who plans to add more coins in his collection in the future. One good thing about a shadow box coin holder is a specialized option wherein the holder can be spun so that both sides of all the coins are seen. Another thing, a collection can personalize the coin holder by choosing a specific background.

Several coin collectors are into customized coin holders which show either the different military branches or a unit’s insignia. A customized coin holder is basically made of wood which can either be hanged on the wall or laid flat on the table so that the coins can be easily viewed. Since a coin holder can be customized, a coin collector can decide whether he wants a smaller or bigger size which can accommodate coins that he has at the moment as well as coins that he plans to buy in the next few years. He can also go for simple or elaborated designs.

When it comes to choosing a coin holder for military coins, it is important for a coin collector to consider his budget. Anyone who has a tighter budget but with good crafting and carpentry skills can make his own coin holder.

How Fireproof Safes Are Made?

May 5th, 2014

Fireproof safes are products of long history of safes which adapt to the needs of men year after year. There are no fireproof safes before the 1800s but even if they have only been there for a few centuries, they really helped keep important items not only against thieves and evil men but also against natural hazards such as fire. You may or may not believe it but safes which are fireproof are intricately made to ensure that your valuables are safe. Here are the things you need to know about how fireproof safes are made.

Fire-resistant safety boxes or safes are primarily designed to withstand heat or high temperatures. Safes which are fireproof are rated based on how long they can withstand high temperatures and the degree of temperature it can hold externally and internally without damaging the contents. Hence, fireproof safes are made depending on what items are to be stored. For example, safes for keeping documents have a temperature limit of 170°C inside but can withstand outside temperature up to 1000°C. For safes which store media such as discs, hard drives, and electronic media have a temperature limit of 55°C on the inside and a limit of 1000°C on the outside.

What is a safe that can withstand fire made of? Generally, safes which are fireproof are mad of fire retardant materials which includes fiberglass, glass, and other insulating materials. Fireproof insulation is a very big help in the creation of safes which are fireproof because it maintains temperature despite exposure to heat or fire.

Most safes which are fireproof are made using four different methods which are as follows: composite fire cladded method; reinforced fireboard method; simple insulation or fireboard method; or composite method. The more complex the method used, the higher the cost of the safe. The best perk you can get from a high-cost safe is security.

Fire proof materials are used inside and outside safes to protect items within. They are incorporated into a safe layer upon layer to insure that fire won’t penetrate the safe. Some safes feature chemical reactions when exposed to heat; that in the event of fire, water vapour would be released. Some release carbon char which prevent the spreading of flames. In addition to the fire resistant layers included in safes is an insulating layer. Insulating layers are included because they help maintain the temperature inside the safe in case of fire. With the fire-resistant material outside and the insulating materials in the safe, the chances of your valuables being burned is almost close to zero. The fireproof nature of safes however is not forever; some only last for half an hour bust some safes withstand fire up to four hours.

How would you know then if your safe is truly fireproof? It must be tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL)—known to be the most trusted fire testing for safes. If a certain safe has a UL certificate, it definitely is a good safe. Classes of safes that can withstand fire are as follows: class 125, class 150, class 350, class TL-15, class TL-30, class TL-40, class TRTL-30, class TRTL-60, and class TXTL-60. Each class are made of different materials and can withstand different degrees of temperature. Hence, it is imperative on your part to choose the safe which best suits your needs. Let us look at what these safes offer.

A safe which belongs to the Class 125 or Class 1540 are used to store non-paper media such as discs and hard drives. Since most data are stored electronically, it is better to keep them in these types of safes. For storage of paper though, which requires higher insulation, Class 350 is a good choice. The higher classes of safes are more intricate and more technical as they involve complicated locks, biometrics, or combinations. It is best to check whether a safe meets your needs and the type of items you’ll put in a safe. It boils down to this though: fireproof safes are made to protect your valuables.

Choosing the Right Misting Fan

April 28th, 2014

Also known as an evaporative cooler, a misting fan keeps the surrounding cool through water evaporation. The cooling effect produced by the fan is enough to change the current temperature in its immediate surroundings. With this, the cooling effect of misting fans is sometimes considered better than that of air conditioners. The cooling effect affects the dry and hot air hence the fans can be used on various settings such as patios and greenhouses.

A misting fan thereby is one of the best solutions to the limitations of air conditioners. Misters are great for any outdoor activities, staying cool while enjoying the outdoors. There is a wide array of choices of misting fans available in the market today with prices that range from $100 to $5,000, depending on its features and capacities. Generally though, these are categorized as residential and commercial fans.

In choosing the most appropriate mister for your home, you need to consider the following.

First is the material and construction of the fan. Misting fans are either metal- or plastic-coated. Metal-coated misting fans tend to be more expensive than plastic-coated misters. Nonetheless, if you intend to use the mister outdoors, you might as well choose the metal-coated ones. While these are pricier, they are more durable and can withstand outdoor elements better than the plastic-coated ones. Metal-coated misting fans are worth every penny that you are going to spend on it.

Second is the motor of the fan. The importance of choosing the right motor cannot be emphasized enough. There are indoor and outdoor DC motors. You need to ensure that the misting fan of your choice is equipped with the right motor. For instance, if you are going to use it outside, make sure that the motor is sturdy enough to withstand outdoor air resistance. Also, check the enclosed motor. It should be distant enough to prevent getting wet due to moisture.

Third is the speed setting. Speed setting determines the amount of air that the misting fan can move. Most misting fans are built with various speed settings. However, the fan diameter should also be considered since the bigger its diameter, the more air it can move. When on higher settings, the misting fan must be able to rotate the blades to produce cooling effect the users required.

Fourth is the misting system. The majority of the misting fans models today have either a centrifugal or nozzle misting system. Centrifugal misters produce drier and finer mist while nozzle misters produce nicer mist. However, the mist tends to get blocked with water. Centrifugal misting fans, further, are mostly used indoors and nozzle misting fans are generally used outdoors.

Fifth is the noise. More often than not, misting fans will produce noise with frequent and extensive use. If it is for outdoor events, choose the mister that generates the least amount of noise. In this way, the noise will not distract the activities or events.

Whichever you choose, make sure that the mister will serve its intended purpose accordingly.You may also shop online, so you may compare the misting fans of your choice. Some important features that you must consider in a misting fan are the type, fan size, blade type, amps, lubrication, switches and warranty. Definitely, the fan must meet OSHA standards.

You may consider the price of the fan, but it should not be your top priority. If you have a limited budget, then you may consider buying low-pressure misters. Even so, you still have to choose the best low-pressure mister that your budget can afford. You cannot compromise the quality of the mister because of a limited budget otherwise you will end up buying the wrong or inappropriate mister.

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fan, Mister, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Reviving Golf Putters Back to Their Glory Days

April 8th, 2014

Over time, those hours spent on the green eventually leads to damage of the golfer’s equipment especially the putter. For golfers, the putter is essential for precision. Considering the importance of golf putters, golfers need to make sure that they maintain and care for their putters properly. While the upkeep of each putter deserves special care, a refurbished putter will prove to be worth the time and effort. Here is a step-by-step process in reviving old golf putters to their glory days.

Little technical knowledge is required in replacing the shaft. You do, however, have to be familiar with the parts of your putter. In replacing the shaft, you have to deal with the adhesive that attaches it to the hosel. The hosel is the small portion of the head that overlaps with the shaft. To loosen the adhesive, you have to use a heat gun. It is important to be careful not to overheat the area. If you have to increase the heat of the gun, do so gradually and wait for a few minutes to check if you have loosened the shaft.

Once you get the shaft loose, you can proceed with the removal of the old shaft. You can use this as your template for your replacement shaft. Cut your new shaft to size using a hacksaw. Do not forget to wear protective heavy duty gloves as you do this. Buff one end of your replacement shaft with a sand paper and then coat the inside of the hosel generously with epoxy. You can then insert the sanded end of the replacement shaft into the hosel.

The grippers of golf putters also need to be maintained if they are to continue to provide the precision that golfers need. When worn down and overused, the grippers become useless. Fortunately for golfers, replacing the grippers at home is not at all difficult. You only need a pair of scissor or a knife. Just cut through the old material, clean the surface, apply solvent on the inside of the new grippers, and then slide in the replacement grippers. The entire process should take no more than 20 minutes and you are the putter is ready to use again.

Refurbishing the putter also involves the detailing of golf putters' head. Before getting started, it is important to clean the putter first. Strip off any dirt and grime from all parts of the putter’s head. A simple mixture of soap and water is enough to make it easy to wash and brush off dirt from the face, sole, heel, and toe of the putter's head. Pay attention to any dirt jammed in the grooves. If there’s paint or rust, you can use a paint remover or a rust remover that’s commercially available. There’s no need for any other special cleaner. But, you have to make sure that you follow the instructions on any cleaning product that you use. Knowing the material of your putter head should help you find a commercial product that you can use on it. When the putter head is clean and dry, you can proceed with the next steps.

To refurbish the putter head, you have to file away the dings and scratches from putter head. You have to use a flat file and several grades of sandpaper. You might have to go from coarse to fine paper as the scratches smooth out. A good buffing after all the trouble spots are gone will give the putter head a good shine.

The next step would be to paint the crown of the putter head. Paint of the desired color can be applied liberally using even strokes in the groves on the sole and face of the putter head. Wipe away any excess paint with a soft cloth. Be careful not to use or store your golf putters while the paint is still wet.

Refurbishing golf putters is a project that every golfer should know how to do. They should also know when their putters have already reached the end of its life. A golf putter can only be refurbished so much. In time, doing so will only compromises precision on the greens. Before this time comes, the golfer should be wise enough to purchase a new golf putter.